We intend to consolidate all of the currently available digital service options into a single offering from our business.

When you choose 1sol for your digital requirements, you’ll be teaming up with experts who bring an incredible level of passion and nitty-gritty knowledge to what they do.

We combine our technical know-how with our razor-sharp marketing knowledge for your company’s benefit. Whatever your market, we can speak to your target audience. For us, it’s all about maximizing your ROI, which means spending only the amount of money we can track. Because we’re continually working to improve, you’ll always benefit from iterative testing and the most recent industry trends. Build the Website Your Brand Deserves!

A cookie-cutter appearance and limited flexibility are the prices you pay for utilizing a limited or unappealing template for your present website. You’re settling for lack of differentiation in a crowded online marketplace. Even if your company doesn’t operate in 1sol, the design of your website is crucial to your online success. Everything on your website must align with your goals and the ideal client journey you want to achieve. Seamlessly integrating all aspects of your online identity, your unique site will enhance your brand’s legitimacy and your site load times, SEO, and scalability. Are you ready to provide your clients with an improved experience—and a higher profit margin for your business? Check out 1sol’s web design services and get your quote today.


1 Sol has set a goal to reach the earning milestone of PKR 100,000 within the next year. Within the following five years, 1 Sol’s goal is to reach an earnings milestone of PKR 10,000,000 while also experiencing significant expansion concerning Human Resources.

With-In Next Year
Next Five Year Plan


1 Sol is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market where businesses lacked either consulting or budget to choose from various vendors, firms, and other services. The digital world dominates today’s businesses. With every obstacle, a solution must be given and made available to people so they can satisfy their business needs. The goal is to deliver all necessary services in a single package that is both cost-effective and dependable, with the company also being responsible for maintenance. 1 Sol is to produce user-friendly solutions that suit our customer’s needs not only once but throughout their lifetimes as we constantly push updates for software improvement and keep pace with today’s rapidly expanding digital industry.

We are the vanguards of your company’s ambitions and are dedicated to assisting you in expanding your dominion in the commercial world. The optimization of the end goals of our customers is at the center of our company’s success. We are the assets to the brilliance of your business, and we are the hallmarks of the world of designing! We “materialize” your ideas by converting them by applying cutting-edge design practices and the most cutting-edge information technology services available.

In Pakistan, where there are more than 10,000 software businesses that have been registered, we are prepared to provide our consumers with something unique. As the name suggests, we provide all our digital services as part of a single package. Even while your website or mobile app is an essential part of your company, it is ultimately only a means to an end; it is a medium through which your audience may interact with you. We are a digital marketing and development agency that offers a complete range of services. Every one of our projects is approached from a more comprehensive perspective by our team. The more aspects of your campaign we can impact, the greater our capacity will be to affect the result. In rare circumstances, we can even promise it in writing, and if we fail to do so, we will return your payment (terms and conditions applied).

1Sol is the website where you can get answers to all of your questions and concerns, so what are you waiting for? You may have a look at all of our services and choose the kind of assistance that best meets your requirements.

Who Are We

1 SOL is a software company that provides a wide range of online services. You may rest assured that our team of experts will work tirelessly to help you and your customers achieve their goals.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” – Helen Keller

As CEO and founder of 1 Sol, I want to strengthen the confidence and relationship between customer and service providers.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


“Keep going forward because success will come” – Cassandra Sanford

As CTO, I have a very huge responsibility of working for all the technologies and keep record of the employees and their needs.


We are proud to work with some of the most-respected corporations

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